Retirement: Is It The End Of The Line?

Dear Ms. Mostly,

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Dear Ms Mostly

Well, here I am riding the rails to retirement at what seems like 200 miles an hour. I am worried about what is at the end of the line. Having been a single, career professional all my life, it has been easy keeping busy while at home for short periods of time. Not so, the future.

Will I soon be relegated to the sofa, catching up on old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, listening to all the political goings-on, all by myself? It has been easy to not have any hobbies while dedicating myself to my job.

Many of my friends are business associates. Some will still be working and others will be off into their own retirement with their spouses. I am at a loss for ideas to keep busy and want to proactively stave off the lonely days and nights I am half expecting. Any ideas, Ms. Mostly?

What now?


Your future will be largely what you imagine it to be. Positive visualization does not include old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy so cut that s**t out.

It sounds as if your career kept you busy enough to avoid hobbies and outside activities so now is the time to take that well-used and rich brain of yours and put it to work building capacity in others and in your community. So many not-for-profits, community organizations, and boards need intelligent, experienced people with time to devote. You’ll find you don’t need a paycheque to derive satisfaction from work and, even better, you’ll likely meet other people with similar life circumstances and will make new friends who will suit your retired lifestyle.

Once you start to reach out to organizations that do things that inspire and motivate you, there will be fewer lonely days and nights, and, more likely, you’ll find there is simply too much you can devote yourself to and you actually need a little break from being busy. That will be the only time I’ll allow you to wallow on the couch with an old Grey’s Anatomy-fest.

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Dear Ms Mostly
Dear Ms Mostly

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