Do You Need Customers? S.I.M.P.L. Online Marketing System Is Boss

S.I.M.P.L. Marketing At Forty FiveYou will be sure to reach all of your new 2019 goals no matter what niche your business is in with the new S.I.M.P.L. method of attracting clients and branding yourself.

I have been using this method with great success predominately on Facebook, drawing on my experience in the online marketing industry for almost a decade now. Being an established coach, co-author, and mentor I want you to have the same success.

So, I am excited to launch this awesome new training membership site that is designed around a unique teaching style.

What Is S.I.M.P.L.?

The first thing you have to do in any business on social media is to SEARCH for your ideal client.

After finding the person that fits your target, you INVITE them with a friend request and start building a relationship through MESSENGER.

Once a person has gained your trust you then have the opportunity to PRESENT your product, service, or opportunity to them.

Last, but not least, you have to LOVE them…

training-At Forty FiveHow Will S.I.M.P.L. Grow My Business?

This membership program includes valuable training videos, sessions by special guest experts on topics such as winning mindset shifts to eliminate fear or anxiety.

You will learn how to create that perfect DMO that is catered to you and learn advanced attraction marketing curiosity style with scripts that aren’t full of unreal fluff. Become the star of your own show by learning how to do live videos and doing watch parties.

Find out just how important personal development is and how to focus on the development that will help you the most. Facts tell, but stories sell (and content is king) so you will be taught what to say in your stories to bring out the brand that you are looking for and the value of 3-way chats. Last, but not least, you will learn just how to 10X your business and more.

There will be contests, prizes, and bonuses as well.

Contact S.I.M.P.L. LadyBossBoomer:

Sherial Dobesh


Sherial Dobesh
Sherial Dobesh

One thing that I have learned is the fact that everything happens for a reason. We don’t always know what the reason is at the time, but it sheds its light eventually. No one crosses our path without a purpose. I have found what my purpose in life is and it makes me HAPPY to help others with making their life better.

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