The Season To Celebrate Love

Season At Forty FiveIt is a busy season and there are only so many hours in the day. Most people are simply doing their best trying to manage all the commitments and responsibilities that come with the various stages of life and the pressures of the holidays.

During this season, let’s just celebrate love whether you have a partner or not. Celebrate the family who love you even when you make it tough to do so. Celebrate the friends who make your days just a little better. Celebrate your kids who accomplish things you never dreamed possible and fill you with pride simply because you were blessed enough to be their parent. Celebrate the grandparent who teaches you through experience and traditions.

Celebrate those who make you laugh. Celebrate those who share your tears. Celebrate those who hug. Celebrate that random stranger who might do something unexpectedly to fill your day with kindness. Celebrate the volunteers who give endlessly of their time and talents to make society a betChristmas Season AT Forty Fiveter place. Celebrate the people who make up your village for raising your children. Celebrate those pets who greet you at the door and are happy to just see you. Celebrate the neighbour who pops in for coffee to see how life is going. Celebrate those who are caregivers.

So this Christmas and throughout the year, extend your understanding, kindness and patience towards those who are important to you. Know that even though they may not have the time to give, you most likely are never far from their thoughts or hearts. Celebrate the many loves in your life.

Lisa Diane
Home is my happy place. I am grateful for chocolate, laughter, naps, good movies and my soaker tub. My greatest blessings call me Mom and a quiet man who chooses to love me every day.