Sending Greeting Cards is Easy with Jacquie Lawson


Do you remember those jumbo boxes of all-occasion greeting cards? Selling Regal cards was my first childhood entrepreneurial venture as there weren’t any paper routes in my small prairie town. I loved sorting through the collection imagining life events and who might get the card.

Today, there are a few different approaches to expressing sentiments and well wishes. Traditional paper cards are not passé, but ecards are easy. You can forgo the angst of getting out to buy the card, finding a stamp and then actually getting the card to the mailbox. Of course,  there is the challenge of remembering the occasion and then the question of the quality. Ecards have their dollar store version as well and I must say I didn’t have a positive impression of ecards.

I recently received an ecard that evoked immediate emotion and truthfully beat any cards, paper or digital,  that I have ever received. Jacquie Lawson ecards made me rethink digital card giving and you may too.


Jacquie Lawson Cards: Ecards With Class

The best points about her card service are the:

  • Stunning imagery layered with video, graphic elements
  • Beautiful music that includes many licensed works
  • Array of message choices
  • Variety of themes
  • Format options including invitations
  • Set reminders tool and calendar options
  • Desktop and APP versions
  • Affordability
  • Ease of use

What is the Cost?

The subscription model replaces the traditional box of cards.  For the small yearly fee of $14.00 ($20.00 for two years) you can send unlimited amounts of cards.

How Do I Use It?

Sign up, download the app and send a card in three minutes or less. New cards are added to the collection regularly.

Jacquie Lawson Is an “At Forty Five” Success Story


Her company, a joint project with her nephew, was a result of her interest in moving her career skill set into the digital world. We can all identify with Jacquie’s story and celebrate her success.

She lives in the UK and so brings some unique offerings to the North American standard fare. Download her Big Ben screen saver and give yourself a break, tripping through memories of London.

Our favorite Jacquie Lawson card is her new anniversary card, Floral Tranquility. The stunning visual is created while listening to Schubert’s Ava Maria!   Tell us what is your favorite?


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