Sex Positivity – Are You Getting Some?

The topic of sex can be a quagmire as we age. Married or single, the question is are you getting some? Not often is the discussion taking place in a public forum. That is why I found the play The Birds and The Bees so refreshing. We all need some. Sex that is.

This Vancouver Arts Club Theater run has the audience rolling in the aisles. A Canadian comedy set in the prairies, beekeeping, turkey farming and the sustainability of both, slides right into the west coast environmental culture. In the end, though, this play is about sex-positivity.


Rarely do you see two middle-aged actors with their bodies past prime, cavorting around nearly naked while dealing with real-life issues like divorce, infidelity, adult children returning home, suppressed feelings and wanton desires.

Those who have been in monogamous relationships have an opportunity to learn new online dating vernacular. Are you happy with “NSA”?

Gail has been divorced for some years after her husband took up with the neighbor’s wife. She is a beekeeper and rents her farm out to that same neighbor Earl, who it seems is the unlikely community “stud”.

If you want your toes to curl, sleep with Earl.

Gail’s daughter, who is a turkey farmer, moves home facing marital problems. Add in a young grad student who is studying the death of Gail’s bee colony and you have a rollicking recipe for complicated lessons on life, lust, love, and aging.

Susinn McFarlen and Tom McBeath as Gail and Earl are believable and so very real. In the two short hours, you will feel as if you are watching one of your friend’s life play out on stage.

Dawn Petten and Christopher Allen are magic together as the daughter and grad student. Some of their first scenes were just hilarious, and the result of their unlikely joining, heartwarming.

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This play is on until October 26 but check out all the season’s offerings. The line up is very appealing.

Right now the Arts Club is holding a fundraising raffle for a European River Cruise. The odds are better than those big lotteries and the cause very worthwhile.

I love the Arts Club Granville Island Stage. It is the perfect location to meet for a bite to eat at one of the eateries, catch the show and then close the night off with drinks under the night sky at the Granville Island Hotel.


Start a monthly “Arts” night out with your girlfriends or better half. See what’s playing in your city. Many local high schools, universities or colleges have excellent arts programs with very reasonable priced tickets.

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Sherry Kallergis
Sherry Kallergis

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