Share, Learn & Grow with Girl Friends Around the Globe

It occurred to me that often I have lived life vicariously through my female friends. Those women are doing some amazing living all around the globe. Collectively, they hold a wealth of stories and knowledge.  It seemed a shame it was not in a central place for when you need some information or have time to learn.

Yes, there is an internet full of stuff and social media plies us with content just waiting for a mindless scroll.  However, don’t you turn to your friends when you need something?  You know, Holly was just in Costa Rica, Julie is building a house and Pat gets the best deals. At Forty Five Share, Learn, Grow

That’s what AT FORTY FIVE is all about.  An online magazine for friends, about friends, sharing their knowledge, life stories, and talking about things that concern them. It is geared for those whose lives are moving on to a new stage, those discovering life after…after “raising kids” or “focusing on careers” or “putting everyone else first”.

Most of all, it is for scratching that self-exploration itch, now that there is some time. What might I like, want to do, don’t yet know, or think I’ll share? For many of us that starts AT FORTY FIVE.

This magazine is the beginning of a self discovery journey. Enjoy the experiences and benefit from the knowledge of a global group of girl friends. Share, learn and grow. Come, dare to live life in full bloom!

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