Sisters Unite Bathroom Equality, Intricacies Of THE Line & Life

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Available on Amazon

I have quite the phobia of public bathrooms so the Facebook post caught my attention immediately. The title “Don’t Laugh: A Woman’s Playbook to the U-R-In Line for the Women’s Public Bathroom…Again!” seemed to be speaking to me.

“Changing the world one pee at a time.” well, those are big panties to fill and rightfully so, I discovered it needed three sisters to cover all the facets of this complex issue.

Women around the world deal with the issue of going to the bathroom many times a day. Safety, privacy, comfort, quality of experience, what should be a simple act, never is.

I spent a delightful hour talking and laughing with the three sisters, Alisa Gamblin, Glenna Mageau and Helen Dougherty. Each accomplished in their own right, it was inspiring to hear how this book came about and what they learned in the endeavor.

Sisters At Forty Five
Glenna, Alisa, Helen

Play Bigger In The World

When their father died in 2008, they spent many days together at that time talking about life, how to play bigger in the world and make a difference. It gave them a push to get out into the world.

Each took their own path, finding their strengths on which to create and build a business. For Alisa it is Hypnotherapy, drumming circles, workshops, writing and speaking. Glenna took the path of writing, she has published 5 novels to date and teaches women how to easy it can be to write. Helen is a Dream builder life coach finding her purpose after taking the dream builder and life mastery with Mary Morrissey.

The three attended a conference on building and growing a business where one of the speakers talked about writing and publishing a book. There were a lot of women there and as usual, found themselves standing in line for the bathroom endlessly and grousing about it. So, fired up about writing and publishing a book, on the ferry back they started playing with the topic. It was decided, they set the timeline and off they went, each with specified chapters to write.

Pay Attention To Advice You’ve Been Given

On reflection, they marveled at how individually, the best advice came to support the book.

The best advice Alisa ever received was when starting a business, figure out your budget, decide how much money you think you will need and double it.

Glenna’s was to go do something, do not sit back and wait for life. Go to the bathroom before the break. Get an education, challenge yourself to discover what is possible.

Helen took to heart years ago the advice do not let others stop you from doing what you need.

Sisters At Forty Five

See Your Ideas Come To Life

The sisters stress the pleasure of giving an idea life, seeing it catch on, and then become a part of people’s lives. Just like this book which started as an idea, it has been inspiring for the sisters to write this book together and see people around the world reading it. When the light bulb comes on and ladies recognize their own story in a chapter it creates a bond.

Take Your Learning To The Next Level

Be curious and look out for the next topic to learn. Alisa is inspired to learn more about quantum physics, how the mind and life are really connected, and the trick to working with Universal Energy. Glenna is exploring singing while Helen is ready to add Spanish to her language repertoire. What is next on your learning list?

Change Your Life With Books

The sisters agreed that books change the way you think about life and were impactful on theirs, which is why they loved the project.

For Alisa, Celestine Prophecy fits into her awakening process. It really resonated on a very deep level. She learned she already knew the information even though she was not aware she knew it.

Robert Ludlum ‘Born Identity’ and Sandra Brown ‘Switch’ had an impact on Glenna. They showed her a whole new way of exploring herself and how that could add a dimension to make her stories more compelling and dynamic.

Helen discovered Zig Ziglar’s book about goal setting. She was at a point in her life when she was broke without a job and it completely shifted her life.

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