Six Months Later, Still Writing To Awaken In Vancouver

It has been only months since I wrote here about starting a journey of self-discovery under the guidance of best-selling author, Mark Matousek. Writing to Awaken, a 5-day retreat at Hollyhock in August, introduced me to a challenging and rewarding writing practice aimed at peeling away the layers of personal ‘stuff’ that we accumulate over the course of our lives. From March 2 – 4, 2018, the journey continues as Writing to Awaken comes to Vancouver.

Writing To Awaken At Forty FiveWhat is this Journey About?

Writing to Awaken is about self-inquiry, about telling the truth about who you are, what has happened to you and who you have ‘become’ in response to your life experiences. More importantly, it is about working to rediscover who you really are, to experience a kind of ‘coming home’ to your own true nature in a way that is elegant in its simplicity.

Mark sums it up perfectly when he says “When you tell the truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed.” Mark creates a safe, respectful place to explore your deepest thoughts and feelings, as well as to celebrate your greatest gifts. No previous writing experience required.

What Does a Transformed Life Look Like?

It is testing my very impatient patience but I’m still not sure! I had expected that six months should be more than enough time to completely answer all of my unanswered questions. Not so. While I have gained much personal insight through my writing, acting on that insight and making change is another matter altogether. I have many miles still to go on my journey. That is why you will once again find me, March 2nd through 4th, at Writing to Awaken in Vancouver. I hope to see you there!

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Patricia Sheaves
I am a person first, a mother second, a friend third and, last but not least, a successful business woman. My favorite job is parenting two beautiful daughters, born half a world away and welcomed into my heart before their first birthdays. My other favorite jobs are professional writing, contract negotiation and project management. I am Newfoundlander born and bred, British Columbian by choice, citizen of the world at heart. Our world needs more heart!