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Are you one of the millions of women that struggle with those unwanted pounds and inches?

Do you cringe every time you look in a mirror or see your reflection in a window?

Have you tried every one of the thousands of ‘Diet’ plans out there only to be heartbroken when the few pounds that you lost come back, and more?

Let’s be honest, our bodies and brains need carbohydrates for energy production and to keep us running and thinking smoothly; not just from pasta or bread, but from healthy fruits and vegetables, and of course the occasional dessert.

However, too much of a good thing is also worrisome and that is where a carb blocker can assist.

What Is A Carb Blocker?

There is real science behind it and you really don’t need to go back to school to understand how it works. An enzyme called alpha-amylase is produced in your saliva.  It attaches to starches and breaks them down into a carb the body can easily absorb.  When you consume carb blockers, they block that enzyme.

They can also help the body lower blood sugar levels. As well, it can moderate hormones with studies showing decreased overall feelings of hunger because it suppresses the hunger hormone, ghrelin.

Modere Carb BlockerModere Carb Blocker Helps Keep You On Target

There is a new company out there (with a new generation of chemical-free weight management products available) that is catching the nation’s attention.

With a reduced calorie diet and comprehensive exercise program, Modere Carb Blocker helps keep you on target towards your personal weight management goals.

Here are a couple of testimonials from people who have had great benefits from the use of the Modere Carb Blocker:

Testimonial from Jennifer

The M3 pledge has changed my life! I’m grateful I made the decision to go for it.😀

You have to eat healthy food to lose weight. Drink 💦 lots of water.

I would swap out what commitments I did based on the day and what I wanted to eat.

I have a love for bacon and pizza. So on those days when I had either I tried to do all of the other commitments. On Pizza days, CARB BLOCKER was my BFF.

Testimonial from Emily

Just a month ago I started to use the carb blocker product!! I added trim starting today and plan to start the full system over the summer (I’m a college student in limited funds😂) Over the past month I have worked out, drank a lot of water and taken my carb blocker whenever necessary. I have not weighed myself because I’m far more worried about my body composition than a number on the scale. With that being said I am absolutely amazed with my results!!! I can’t wait to continue this journey.  (By the way, I also have PCOS)

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