Smaller Phone Screens Are Changing Website Menus

Have you noticed that phone screens are smaller than computer screens? And you thought it was just your eyesight! Well, that too is a factor, but the statistics on internet content consumption are telling. We spend 2.48 hours on the computer and 2.84 hours on our phones! A day! No harm there, but the use of phones for viewing web content is forcing At Forty Five Fun Fact Insert

website design to change. Typical website navigation does not lend itself to the size of the phone screen so websites are transitioning away from the typical navigation bar at the top of the website.

The Hamburger Icon

It is being replaced by the “hamburger” or “listing” icon. Here is a look at our website to illustrate:

At Forty Five Tech talk 3

So if you are on your phone and puzzled why you can’t find the navigation bar, look for the “hamburger” icon.


The Story of the Icon Design

Norm Cox designed this in 1978 for the first graphical user interface called the Xerox Star.

Norm Cox
Norm Cox

Its graphic design was meant to be very “road sign” simple, functionally memorable, and mimic the look of the resulting displayed menu list. With so few pixels to work with, it had to be very distinct, yet simple.

If you want some more history from a techie perspective this is a great source. What is surprising is how this icon design really made sense. This gif shows the thinking behind the design. Thank you to www.
At Forty Five Hamburger icon for the details.

Well done Norm!


Source: Brad Myers on Vimeo

Sherry Kallergis
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