Solve Your Dry Flaky Scalp Problem

A dry flaky scalp can be an embarrassing problem. If you are someone who loves your trip to the blow bar then you may be neglecting your scalp health.

As modern-day busy superwomen, we choose to go to the blow bar for blowouts to relax and feel good about ourselves.  For some, it also sheds serious time on the morning routine.   We then leave it for as long as possible before shampooing again. Throughout the week we use dry shampoos and conditioners. My personal choice being Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo and Young Again Dry Conditioner.

Did you know that every day we should be shedding a bit of scalp naturally?  If you are not brushing your hair, that skin that does not shed and may become attached to the scalp with sweat or natural sebum. When this happens, you can get waxy dandruff that may cause an unpleasant smell, you may get ingrown hair, or the hair follicles may become infected.

Your Dry Scalp Remedy

If you cannot brush your hair out 100 times before going to sleep, I have an at-home remedy for you to ensure your scalp care needs are met and it comes from a great source! My Baba

I remember as a young girl, my Baba smelling like vinegar. She would get her hair shampoo and set on rollers every week.  In between, she would add some backcombing and loads of hairspray to her “do”.  Then, the day before going to the salon for her weekly visit, she would wash her hair and spray vinegar into it.  She would leave it in for about fifteen to twenty minutes before rinsing it out.  This would clarify the hair and remove any build-up from hairspray and dry skin that would build up.  Particularly when it is winter months and cold outside, your scalp will contract a bit, leaving those extra flakes that need to come off.

Try this home remedy care and report back! Your scalp will love you for it.

Cynthia Skabar
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There’s no better time than now that I am going into my fifties to start to share some of my thoughts and experiences. Having the same business for more than half of my life can be wonderful but I do not want my work to define me. I am ready.