Do You Spend Too Much Time With Your Ex?

It’s wonderful that you can get along with your EX but they are your EX for a reason!

If you are looking for a new relationship in the future, it is not a good idea to spend most of your free time with your past partner.

Think about it, how much time from your busy day do you have left over to give to someone else? Your kids, your job and your life activities take up the majority of the hours in your day, but add “the Ex” into the mix and there is nothing left over to even contemplate meeting someone else romantically.

Your priorities should be about moving on in a different direction that brings you happiness. Spending too much time with them, flirting to get their attention or having sexual encounters with your ex, just confuses the reason as to why you ended your relationship in the first place.

Friends with benefits with your EX is not a healthy place to put yourself; it just prolongs the breakup aftermath! It can also mess with your emotions; especially if the sex is really amazing!

Be careful not to take on the attitude that this is a better scenario than being alone, because it won’t last forever. Your ex will always be open to finding a new relationship and just because you may not have time to date other people, it doesn’t mean they don’t!

These friendships with Ex’s are not usually reciprocated equally and one person ends up getting hurt all over again.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being amicable with your Ex and it is a good thing when there are children involved, but you need to keep a healthy distance so that you can move on freely to the next phase of your new life.

You are both wonderful people who just didn’t work out together as a couple. That’s OK!

We grow at different stages of our lives and sometimes we just don’t stay on the same path. It is a great thing that you still respect each other but understanding that new boundaries are necessary, will allow you to eventually move up the ladder to a more loving environment with someone else.

You can find love again at any age; so don’t use the excuse that there isn’t anyone out there for you or that you’re too busy. Be careful that you are not sabotaging your own happiness due to fear. I got married again for the second time on my 50th Birthday so I am living proof that love is always available when you are ready to receive it into your life.

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