Stormy Daniels Is BFF Material: Real, Beautiful, and Funny

Stormy Daniels BFF material? I saw her in Vancouver recently and left thinking she would make a fabulous BFF. That was not what I expected.

Setting The Stage

stormy-daniels-2019-06-19The line up was close to half women and men. Mostly middle-aged men but the range of women was surprisingly much more diverse, ranging from the early twenties to grey-haired grandmothers.

Sitting in the midst of the black expanse of the stage was a bar table beside a bare wooden stool with a stately mic, bejeweled and glittering, rising up to meet the huge screen emblazoned “Stormy”.

My first thought is it takes someone with a well-defined sense of self and confidence to walk out and sit without props or the protection of a deep armed chair like many speakers do.

Of course, that Stormy Daniels is a porn star used to being on show in the most basic of ways may have prepared her for this role.

She is amid a very public scrimmage with a well known and hugely powerful public figure which would excuse her for taking an easy way out.

I am here because she hasn’t. I have watched her in the media standing her ground, not making excuses for her choice of career and always looking beautiful and in charge.

Stormy Daniels At Forty FiveI was not prepared for how funny she is and her self-deprecating sense of humor. We catch glimpses of it in media interviews but there is a reason why she has made the rounds of the biggest shows on TV including Anderson Cooper, The View, Jimmy Kimmel Live and 60 Minutes. She makes for a delightful interview.

The fact her 60 Minutes interview was the most watched segment in ten years confirms that her alleged affair with Trump made her famous but her business acumen and personal style fueled the fire.

Her book “Full Disclosure” tells everything about the events leading up to the now infamous Non-disclosure agreement and she is on this tour because, after reflection on the content, she feels the need to get her voice out there and add to the narrative.

She is diverse

Horses are a love from her childhood in Louisiana. Training and riding horses are two passions that she is passing onto to her eight-year-old daughter.

She has a varied career starting with her strip dance beginnings then acting in adult movies and now directing. Stormy has directed three of the five most expensive porn movies in history.

Now she is choosing to give back. We were the first audience to hear about her new endeavor; Stormy Daniels Swamp Trash Events. Various events will support charities and causes close to her heart.

Stormy opened with a raunchy overview of her eventful trip to Vancouver and stories on “the business of the porn”, but then talked for a good hour about herself and different facets of her life.

She is kind

Stormy Daniels At Forty FiveThis is a personal observation. It was an eclectic group of people who lined up to get their book signed and take a picture with Stormy. In all cases, she took a few minutes to interact; chatting, laughing and posing. She made sure they got a picture they liked, struck poses that were suited to the person or group, some more risqué than others. Her assistant and bodyguard busted dance moves to the music playing and she joined in. Everyone left with a smile on their face. I have seen many speakers who can barely wait to get the meet and greet over and that was not Stormy.

She is coming out on top

Stormy responded to audience questions that touched on Trump, her crooked lawyer who absconded with $300,000 of her book deal, a judgment against her that is waiting to be tried at the Supreme Court level, her childhood abuse, and her experiences in the adult film industry. In all cases, Stormy Daniels seems to look at it as a gift. Not always the expected outcome but she is intent on making the most of it. And she doesn’t give a hoot what you might think of her. She is proud of who she is.

If I was going to live on the wild side, I would be looking for a friend just like her.

Sherry Kallergis
Sherry Kallergis

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