A Stylist Gets Dilemmas Well-dressed

A personal stylist often hears a familiar story the first time she meets with a client.

“I have this event coming up, I don’t have anything to wear. I hate shopping for myself. I can never find anything to suit my body. I have no idea where/what/how I will arrive clothed, looking and more importantly, feeling beautiful. HELP!”

You may think only stars can afford personal stylists, however using the service of a stylist will save you time and money, making it much more affordable than you think.  Consider the expense as an investment in yourself. Stylists will tackle the dilemmas that often stress you. Putting a strategy in place will help you create a wardrobe that is ready for any event you might have. Taking a proactive approach to dressing will provide you with time to embrace the pleasure of getting ready, letting you enjoy life’s events to the fullest.Personal Stylist

1. Life Changes: Are you experiencing disruptions in your life such as new job, a new lifestyle, illness or large weight adjustments without an idea of how to deal with the effect on your wardrobe?

2. Trendless: Looking to explore the new “trends” of the season, are you overwhelmed by the choices, unsure of their suitability, at a loss where to start?

3. Reduced Choice: Would you like to have more garment options for work and in
your social life, but end up always wearing the same outfits because you don’t know how to shop for variety?

4. Lack of Well Fitting Clothes: Your closet full of clothes; too big, too small, too short, too long, leave you with the feeling you have nothing to wear. You need to learn how to purchase clothes that fit and suit your body.

5. Shortage of Shopping Strategy:  Is the first thing you see at the store what you buy? Does your wardrobe consist of ten skirts, but are they all black?

6. Uniform Dressing is Passe:  Do you really believe that jeans, t-shirt and gym shoes work for every occasion? Have you adopted Steve Job’s black turtleneck or does your LBD show up at every event?

7. Too Many Suitcases: Are you paying for overweight suitcases filled with clothes you don’t need, while arriving without your favorite sweater? Help planning and packing for business and/or pleasure is a sure winner.At Forty Five Stylist Collection

8. Undeveloped Signature Style: Style is an extension of your personality. The term fashion is what you wear, style is how you wear it. Your unique style tells people who you are. Purchasing decisions will be much clearer when you start to shop with a look in mind.

Whatever the dilemma, a stylist will be your BFF when it comes to putting your best foot forward and entering any event looking and feeling your most beautiful self.

Christianne Barreto - Personal Stylist of boxY
Personal Shopper & Stylist Wardrobe Analyst & Editor