How To Survive Bad Dates & Find Real Love After 40!

You are now thinking about dating and ready to get back out there, but the last time you went on a date was a long time ago.

Even those of you that have been frequently trying your luck at dating are fed up with how many disastrous and aggravating scenarios you have had to endure!

Bad dates can include a variety of circumstances dealing with the lack of chemistry, blatant rudeness, boredom, narcissistic behavior or something embarrassing that may have happened.

We ALL Have Our Stories

One guy I had dated went up to use my bathroom after our 2nd date, came down 10 minutes later and said he had to leave! WTF? I couldn’t find anything incriminating in my medicine cabinet, not even Preparation H!  Talk about a Seinfeld episode!

I went cycling on a first date and spun out in the gravel, fell off my bike & ended up at the hospital!

Another memorable time, my date got mad at something he didn’t agree with about raising children, quickly paid the restaurant bill and didn’t even stop the car to let me out at my front door. I now refer to that as my “tuck & roll” bad date!

( I ran into him a few months later and he asked me out again! Hmmm, let me think about it for 10 secs…umm, No!!)

The one thing great about getting a little older is how loud our intuition screams at us when we need to be paying attention to the red flags in front of us! 

It should always be your #1 guide when putting yourself out there into the dating market. If it doesn’t feel right and your gut starts churning, don’t go there!!

Life experience gives us lessons that we need to adhere to; not ignore. 

Dates At Forty FiveMany people are wary of online dating after 40 but it can be a great place to meet someone! As we get older there are less venues that cater to the “mature crowd” so don’t be quick to judge without giving it a fair shot. seems to have a decent reputation with men & women over 40. Don’t expect to meet someone right away or become impatient and give up after 3-6 months! Someone worth having in your life is worth the wait!

Don’t pick out your china pattern with every person you date; the less expectations you have the better! Enjoy each person for the time you are with them.

If there isn’t a second date, oh well! The Universe was trying to tell you something. Get back on the next horse with a great attitude. If love was that easy to find we would question that it was real!

10 Things To Be Aware Of On A First Date

  1. Are they attentive to you & are you equally attracted to each other?
  2. Did they make an effort with their appearance and complement yours?
  3. Is the conversation reciprocated or does it feel like an interview? Is it all about them?
  4. Are they respectful and polite throughout the date? What did their body language say?
  5. Ten Dates Tips At Forty FiveDo they make you feel comfortable? Are they playful or too serious?
  6. Did they follow through on the original date plans and were they on time? Did they cancel or reschedule the date?
  7. Do they bring up sex right away in early conversations?
  8. Did they take you to your car or your front door after the date ended?
  9. How much do you have in common? Does the conversation flow freely or is it awkward or forced? (Opposites may attract but they seldom stay together.)
  10. Are they authentic and interesting? Are you interested in them & really want to see them again? Make sure there is a fit and don’t ignore anything that seems insincere.

Your Date Is Going Badly

What do you do if you are uncomfortable and want to leave when you’re out on a date?

  • Many people are too nice or too shy to say anything controversial when things aren’t going well. It is always a good idea to tell your date that you have a 2 hour time limit on the first meeting so that they are aware that you have to be somewhere else.
  • Do not go to their house or let them pick you up until you have established a trust & rapport with them. Always be in control of your entrance and departure in the early stages of meeting someone for safety purposes.
  • No matter how many texts or phone calls you may have had with them, you still don’t know them yet. (There are some pretty good manipulative writers out there.) Don’t get sucked into their smooth talking ways until you have met them face to face. Eye contact & body language will tell you a lot about a person!

Can I Be Honest? You’re Just Plain Rude!

Most people do not know how to express themselves when dealing with something like this, they just walk away and let it go as an experience they don’t want to repeat!

You could make a difference in their life by tactfully telling them what bothered you and maybe they will learn from it. Some people really don’t know how they come across to others.

You may have been put on their path to teach them something about themselves and also maybe save someone else from having to deal with their rudeness!

Life lessons are not just about what we need to learn about ourselves, but also what we can teach someone else.

Dates At Forty FiveI was introduced to a guy through a friend who rudely spent our  first date on the phone. After an hour went by I got up from my seat, went over to the server, paid my share of the bill and left without a word. I am not sure he even noticed.

He had no respect for me or my time and didn’t even hold up a finger to silently apologize. It was obviously something he did regularly and thought nothing of it. I was offended, but got over it quickly. ( My only regret was that I should have left after 15 minutes, and should not have paid my portion of the bill!) 😉

Don’t waste too much time analyzing bad behavior or take it too personally. It’s their stuff to deal with and some people are just oblivious & rude; plain and simple.

Tips for Preventing Disaster Dates

There are ways to prevent disaster dates by pre-screening and really paying attention to the initial way they interact with you.

  1. Don’t take their online dating profile as the gospel truth. People lie all the time! Read very carefully between the lines & their photos!
  2. Be aware of your friend or family’s advice about that perfect person they may have for you. Talk to them on the phone first before meeting them and ask the questions that are important to you.
  3. Requesting a photo is not unreasonable or shallow. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has different tastes. (Do not answer anyone online who does not post a profile photo!)
  4. Use the technology available at your fingertips; Google them!!
  5. Creep them out on Social Media. (Yes, I said that!) Most people are on some sort of platform like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If it’s out there in cyberspace, it’s free for the public to see.
  6. You can never be too safe. Protecting yourself is always your number 1 priority!

Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City,” says that first dates are like job interviews with cocktails. How true is that statement? When applying for a job you are paying attention to what they are saying and what they are offering you.

Unfortunately, many men & women make the mistake of not really hearing what is being said on the first few dates and could save themselves a lot of time and energy seeing any red flags earlier, rather than later.

Cocktails may make you loosen up on a date, but alcohol changes up what we perceive about a person and how we may be perceived by them. Let’s face it; we’re just a little bolder with liquid courage in our bloodstream!

I know it’s easier to face someone new after a few beers or a glass of wine, but if you want to get the real version of who they are, coffee is a much better choice on that first date.

Too many embarrassing things can happen when alcohol enters the picture too early. (Just watch a few episodes of any reality show to see what I mean!)

Narcissism can be quite common and is super annoying when out on a date!

This is when someone talks about themselves for the entire first date. They brag about their accomplishments, who they know, how much money they have, what type of car they drive and often discuss sex openly and how many people they have slept with!

They may as well just have a conversation with themselves in the mirror.

Nervousness is one thing, but arrogance is another. Caring about another person is the first rule of dating. If it is all about them in the beginning, it probably always will be.

First Dates At Forty FiveWhen Planning a First Date

  • Always have an alternative option in case your original plan gets altered due to the weather or something that may be uncomfortable for your date.
  • Be organized, follow through and always respect their time. Do not bail last minute on a date because something better came up!
  • We all have first date insecurities so make sure they have all the date particulars. This will help put them at ease as there will be no surprises. They will want to know what to wear (casual or dressy, heels or runners), if they should eat beforehand and the directions to the meeting location.
  • Ask them if they have any questions or if they are comfortable with the date venue you chose.
  • Confirm the date! This is appreciated and proper etiquette, especially if it was discussed a week or two before. It puts them at ease knowing you haven’t forgotten about it, that you are thinking about them, and looking forward to seeing them.

Dating can be a great experience if you are smart, alert and observe each scenario with clarity. You will learn how to weed out the wrong types and eventually stop attracting them.

Keep an open mind, but don’t spend time with people you have no connection with. You shouldn’t have to talk yourself into being with someone!

It should be a natural fit that flows without too many questions or a thousand compromises. Yes, dating is frustrating and hard on your self-esteem, but anything worth having is not always an easy accomplishment.

Don’t give up on love; treat it with the same patience & determination as you would with any other goal in your life; it’s always worth the wait and perseverance in the end.

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