The Simplicity of Feeling Good!

In the 40s red tube lipstick sales soared as an affordable way of feeling good for women in a war torn era. It’s often those little things that can change the perspective of a day, your self-image, the lens you view the world through.

Today, I ventured outside my comfort zone, “where life begins” and tried a technique called microblading. If you are at forty-five you probably are blessed with the natural effects of aging brows. Vanishing brows, disappearing tails, greying or overgrown are challenges we usually encounter.

Nervous at my decision and unfamiliar with the process, all the common questions ran through my mind. Is it permanent? What if I don’t like it? I just made the leap of faith and called my local hair salon. After trusting them for over a quarter of a century with the appearance of my hair I persuaded myself, things would be fine.

Laying on the esthetics table while the general outline is drawn I sit up to view a very harsh well defined eyebrow. Again, uncertainty rushes through my mind while being reassured and reminded it is the outline. “Look past that and what will be inside the lines”. We agree to do a softer color that can be touched up at a later date. A topical anesthetic cream is applied and I wait in the massage chair enjoying a hot cup of tea and a magazine.

What Eyebrow Will Frame Your Beautiful Eyes?
What Eyebrow Will Frame Your Beautiful Eyes?

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing which is great as it allows you to adapt as you age and change subtly. Pigment is placed not as deep as actual ink tattoos. Although everyone has a different level of how they experience or feel something. Personally, the tweezing that occurred prior to the microblading was the most discomfort I felt.

Typically two appointments are needed to ensure proper coloring and definition. It is common to experience darker than normal and redness and swelling; however, neither of these were extreme. My only thought was that I wished I hadn’t waited so long and been cautious.

What I did experience was a renewed self-confidence in a small self-indulgence. Don’t wait, take the plunge and reward yourself. Feeling great in your own skin is something we all deserve.