Three Reasons Why We Love The Pajama Style

Pajama Dressing Mums-In-Heels
Take A Look At Our Favorite Combo For This Spring

As a working-from-home busy mamma it’s hard for me to resist the Pajama Trend. Made with a Fashionista like me in mind, one who likes to stay true to her style likings even in the comforts of her own home.

And before you even say “But…”, I want to tell you how fabulous this trend is because it doesn’t just look good…… It is comfortable and totally indulgent! This is reason #1 as to why I have wholeheartedly embraced the nightwear-by-day trend.

Reason #2 – they are VERSATILE. In the past year pajama sets, robe coats, and slip dresses have become a staple in my wardrobe. Mixing them with what’s already in my wardrobe is so easy. Think blazers, chunky sweaters and shirts, combined for a sexy, feminine and super cozy combination.

And reason #3 is the amazing textures these pieces are made of that make me feel super comfy in my clothes and super sexy in my skin. Between the rich silks, soft velvets, and hints of cozy fur, the coming year is looking to be our (Mums in Heels) comfiest yet, and we’re not protesting. Curious to see how the pajama dressing is evolving?

Get The Details:

This fabulous trendy yellow set is available at Essentiel Antwerp Zurich and Modissa

Favourite Fragrance for Spring 2017: Devil Tender, Ex Nihilo

Visit Mums-In-Heels website. 

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