Three Tools To Make Cooking And Eating Healthy Simple

Cooking At Forty FiveI was invited to a cooking class and ended up with three new kitchen tools and some meal alternatives that I would not have explored otherwise. An independent consultant from Epicure led the class.

Marlene demonstrated a tasty pasta dish with a sauce that rivaled my homemade three-cheese recipe, topped off with crispy, crumbled bacon. Bursting with flavour, the pasta was zucchini simply tossed with a little milk, olive oil and a seasoning mix called Mac & Cheese. The meal was delicious and a low calorie and sodium reduced option. The bacon is not necessary, but is a real treat.


Cooking At Forty Five
Vegie Twist and Spiral Slicer – Epicure

The Epicure Vegie Twist and Spiral Slicer tool make zucchini noodles a quick task. Simple to use and easy to clean, you can slice many different vegetables. Having an alternative for flour pasta is absolutely a life saver if you are cutting down on carbs or going gluten free. Surprisingly, the texture rivals el dente pasta.  You will be happy to have other options besides the stand by spaghetti squash.

Cooking At Forty Five
Rectangle Silicone Steamer – Epicure

Marlene used the Rectangular Silicone Steamer to do the bacon in the microwave. I immediately wanted one to make my Saturday bacon cooking much easier. The silicone material is simply amazing and clean up is a breeze. You just pour out the fat, drop it in the dishwasher and the silicone continues to look as good as the day you bought it. The lid means no mess in the microwave and I have noticed I don’t have to clean my regular oven as much now that I am not using it to cook bacon.

At Forty Five Cooking
En Garde 5″ Ceramic Knife – Epicure

Do you own a ceramic knife? Marlene used this beautiful knife and it is perfect for dicing and slicing. Ceramic blades are sharper than steel, light weight and non-porous so odors don’t stick and it cleans up easily.

Epicure is located in Saanich, BC and is 100% Canadian and family owned. Two women, founder Sylvie Rochette and her daughter, CEO Amelia Warren lead the multi-level marketing company. Epicure is known for delicious ingredients, quality kitchen tools and delectable recipes, so if you love good food and cooking check them out.

To Learn More

If you would like to purchase these products or hold a cooking class, you can contact Marlene here in the lower mainland at T: 604 813-4015.

Browse the Epicure website here.

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