See You Cabin Fever! I Am Ready For Trips, Love And Life.

The new announcement that trips can be planned because travel restrictions are being lifted gave me a blast of hope and a quiver of excitement I’ve been dreaming of being able to plan a romantic and once-in-a-lifetime trip for a long while. It is now within reach.

Trips At Forty Five
Yep, camping!!! Something I have never done but secretly thought, with the right companion, would be such an awesome experience.

Since 2019 I’ve been thinking of ways to see more of this gorgeous country we live in, which I am certain will deepen my love further. I have also been brainstorming ideas on how to set up my business for a solid, steady stream of passive income AND, do something so far outside my comfort zone that I will be proud of myself and have all the photos to show for it when I’m chilling at 80.

At the end of 2019, the idea of traveling across Canada came to mind. That was quickly squashed months later when it was obvious that I wasn’t even going to meet my friends across town, nor cross the provincial border, let alone consider two-month camping trips. Yep, camping!!! Something I have never done but secretly thought, with the right companion, would be such an awesome experience.

The idea is to drive across Canada from Vancouver to as far as Nova Scotia, camping and experiencing small communities along the way – one route going, and a different one heading back. To keep the flame of hope alive and not give up on planning this once-in-a-lifetime trip, my darling man proceeded to buy the perfect RV last Fall, and together, we’ve continued to discuss and daydream about our romantic trip. He’s new in my life so two things – planning such a trip with a new love – whoa, big discomfort and lots to learn, I’m sure. And two, I have not camped or RV’d before 5 months ago… huge on many levels.

You Can Learn About Yourself On Trips

I’m prepared for all sorts of uncomfortable learning about myself. After all, driving across the country, living in a small space with another person with limited comforts of home can be a challenge. Mostly, I am excited beyond words as to the feeling of freedom that it will bring. I know my spirit will soar high. My personality is that of an eagle (witnessed by lifelong friends). So I absolutely must be free to fly high, to lift up above everything else. I need to feel the calm and peace of loneness. Such remarkable release is important, and even vital, for me to function well.

Trips At Forty Five
Oh yes!

I am busy now making a list of all the wonderful things I can do, as we camp in remote, beautiful, and wild locations. I am going to explore photography to go along with my avid journalling. In the next week, I am going to hit every thrift store nearby to stock up on board games! And I must think of creative ways to pack a sensible yet stylish wardrobe for two months. A girl must have her summer favorites, that’s for sure.

This first holiday, after the confines of Covid-19 for 17 months is more than just getting out and doing something wonderful with a loved one. For me, it will hit several milestones, and in addition, give me a unique opportunity to explore new aspects for a deeper and more connected relationship with a man. I have held a romantic notion for a long time. If two people are aligned and harmonious, you don’t need constant conversation or activities. Sometimes, just sharing the same space and feeling each other’s energy, creates long-lasting intimacy. It can create far stronger and more resilient relationships, even when it’s brand new.

I can’t imagine something more powerful than to feel that someone near. We can build new and meaningful memories together. Explore being disconnected from the world together. How special that we can hold sacred space for each to be true and without disguise. Quite frankly, that is the love story I want to experience in my lifetime. At 80 years old, I want that grin on my face to say it all. Falling deeply in love across the country in an RV!

I am grateful for many things, like the universe for orchestrating our paths to crisscross. For my courage to take another chance with romance. I appreciate his resilience in putting up with my impatience. Finally, for both our openness to go on this adventure. I count my blessings I am able financially and physically to go and leave everything behind for two months.

So I am looking ahead to many trips. My wings fully outstretched and I have a handful of my favorite things packed. With my gorgeous man holding my hand, I’m ready for the open road and for exploring what lays ahead. I am positive I will return to Vancouver with a whole host of new perspectives, and life potential, and possibilities. And a few new grey hairs from living away from the total comforts of home. Life is grand.

Are you planning any trips?

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Karen Flynn
Karen Flynn

I am a passionate coach who work with clients from diverse backgrounds, to find clarity and improve their performance to achieve their best lives. A published author, my book Go Beyond Resilience was launched on 31 July 2019 and together with my tagline, Colouring Outside the Lines - it showcases my philosophy for growth, curiosity, and bravery.

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