It’s True! A Bar of Soap Actually Takes Pain Away

Soap At Forty Five Have you seen the posts touting the benefits of sleeping with a bar of soap?

Last February I rented a heavy metal stroller while visiting the Butchart Gardens. I spent the entire day pushing either my 6-year-old niece or the empty buggy itself. This was a pretty good work out for me at 60 years of age and not being physically fit.

Well, within the first hour my legs started hurting and my heart was pounding out of my chest. Against my better judgment, I kept on going literally running up and down the hills. (At least I thought I was running). It was more than likely a sight to behold. My motive was to keep moving so we would feel the cold less.

It didn’t seem to bother Hailey, she was eager and I determined to polish every path once over. Even if it meant a few more rounds on my pounding soles and the steady haul of the cumbersome clunker. To my dismay, I woke up the next morning feeling pain. It took a good two months to even begin feeling normal again.

Well, that was the beginning of my serious and thankfully short-lived crippled state. I could never tell when it was going to strike. By May I realized that I could not endure one full day of house chores on the weekend. My hip would let go and I’d nearly fall while I was walking out in public. Even a day after the initial chore the pain would be so bad in my back and legs that I could barely make it from my car to the office building on Monday morning. Around the house, I barely could stand up straight. Driving the car was becoming impossible in heavy traffic.

I decided to accept a friends’ offer of some extra strength Tylenol. I had never been keen on taking painkillers. In June my kids and I walked for 4 days around Beale St. and Nashville, I kept up with the young guns by popping more and more meds. Upon returning home I found Arthritic Tylenol and thought that would solve all my problems. I bought 3 boxes at a time when they came on sale lest I should ever be without.

Preparing for house guests at the end of November, continuously rushing around and getting ready for my daughter’s wedding I completely disregarded all warnings and just took them as I pleased. It was great! We danced the night away. I was feeling so good; I thought “this is the life!”

By now I kept a fully stocked med dispenser with me and made sure I didn’t miss a beat of my self-timed dozes. I had learned how to keep the pain away, then on Dec 11th while scrolling on my phone something strange caught my attention.

Soap At Forty Five Finding A Solution

Now I’m asking you because I’m curious. Have you seen the advertisement or posts touting the benefits of sleeping with a bar of soap? I hadn’t. I decided to look up some reviews. It didn’t take long for me to make up my mind to go to bed that night with a simple bar of soap.

After one night, my pain was gone. So I kept it up feeling like a little kid unable to wait until I could go to bed and have the bar of soap beside my ankles. Well, that’s where I put it if the pain was in my ankles. My pain likes to be on the move a lot.

I told my friend about this being that she is on her feet all day and has had to rely on painkillers for years. After the first day back to work we compared results. She described to me in detail how much she thought the pain had diminished. And I in turn described mine to her. Then I said I also noticed that I had a lot more energy today and that my eyes feel more wide open and awake. My friend started laughing and replied that she had also noticed that she felt more energetic but didn’t want to say it to me because she thought it sounded too ridiculous.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve looked this phenomenon up a few more times. So it seems some people have heard of it even Dr. Oz recommends lavender soap which is what I was using most recently. I have used stronger bars and an oatmeal bar. They all seem to work. If the pain is bad in a certain spot I just set the bar right there and it’s relieved almost immediately. Occasionally I have to be very persistent with keeping the soap close to the ever-circulating pain but so far I have had no need to return to the drug scene.

Donna Housser
Donna Housser

Donna lives in Estevan, Saskatchewan with her children and grandchildren close by. She admits to catching a bit of a travelling bug when her children surprised her and took her on a trip to Graceland.

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