Try To Remember Me

Remember Me
Jean O’Brien

I’ll try not to forget you every morning I wake and every evening I rest

I’ll try not to forget you, all the laughs we had, all the love we shared

I’ll try not to forget you when this consumes my body until I

no longer am “Me” and what remains is but a shell

I’ll try not to forget you,

your smile, your loving arms, everything that makes you so You

Remember At Forty FiveTry to remember me before this disease,

takes over my being and transforms me into something

I am not

Try to remember me when I laugh so much that I wet my pants,

rather than when you’ll need to change them

Try to remember all that is “us”, the fun, the excitement

rather than imagining how this will end

Try to remember my giggle, my pouting and all the childish behavior I had

even before this surfaced


only to see THAT was Me

and this one will never be


Jean O'Brien
Jean O’Brien Contributor
Retired teacher, transplanted from NJ to Texas, with a year abroad in Mexico City, that lasted 20 years, has now been back in the States for 18 years.Former middle-school educator, experienced in eye rolling and door slamming, not only goes thru this stage twice with her own kids, but who VOLUNTARILY requests a campus transfer to the middle school. Mother of 2 millennials, who still need their mom’s homemade food and unwanted, unsolicited advice.