Upgrading Your Life By Trusting Your Intuition

Have you ever made a decision and thought to yourself, I am so glad I paid attention to my hunch; that turned out really well?! Or maybe you had a fleeting thought that went by too fast. You ignored or dismissed it, only to realize afterward that you probably should have paid attention.

Intuition At Forty FiveYou see, most people don’t notice that they are constantly using their intuition, and most of us were never taught how. While we didn’t need to learn how to use our 5 senses, using the 6th sense, your intuition, can take practice.

How You Know You Can Trust Your Intuition

  • You pay attention to the first thought you hear when making an important choice. TIP: Your intuition is quiet and understated. It’s never the big voice that says gimme, gimme, gimme. That’s your ego talking.
  • You just know that you know you don’t know how you know but you know. TIP: Gathering information from various sources regarding an inquiry, a question, or possibly a business deal, you confidently choose the right approach with certainty, even if you’re not exactly sure how you knew.
  • You get a nudge in your tummy that gets your attention. TIP: That gut feeling tells you that something’s off or better yet, that something is right. Once you start paying attention, you will realize that your intuition is stronger than you think.

CONFIDENCE BUILDER: Run a little test with yourself. For five days, pay attention to your body sensations, to see if you can connect them to a clear message for you. Write down your observations in a notebook to track any meaningful findings. You might be surprised to discover that your body signals are telling you something important.

Listening to the signals from your body, and the signs that surround you, lays an important foundation for upgrading your life.

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Are you ready to upgrade your life? Now is the time to learn to trust your intuition.

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Paige Stevensen Contributor
Paige Stevensen is a natural-born intuitive healer, inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator, best selling author, and successful business owner of over 20 years as The Intuitive Advisor. Paige is a certified advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner (AEP).
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