Wanting To Help Your Adulting Children But Needing To Not

Children At Forty FiveOne of the hardest parts of being a parent is watching your children face adversity and knowing that there comes a time where they must travel the journey alone. It is their life. You support, comfort and encourage them, but you cannot fix what they are facing.

This has been a reality for every generation of parents. The price of independence is a bittersweet one of pride and sadness. The most rewarding aspect of parenting, however, is witnessing the strength, courage, determination, and adaptability of children as they navigate successfully through their personal challenges.

They muster the bravery to face another day even though it may bring disappointments, and remain loyal to their friends even though they have been hurt, and decide to just go for it even though there is no guarantee of success, and smile and laugh because they know that the good in this world far outweighs the bad – their resiliency and drive to figure out life is to be commended and celebrated.

Many lessons are not taught in a classroom. They are only learned by going through life’s experiences and all that it entails. I watch our kids, and those I have had the privilege of knowing, chase goals I was never daring enough to dream. They are inspiring, awesome and powerful.

The loss of privacy through modern technology has created a generation that documents every success and every failure, every accomplishment, and every mistake. Lessons are harder to recover from when the world is your critic – keyboard warriors who hide behind the anonymity of the computer, spewing sarcastic nastiness without any regard of compassion or understanding, are tough to shoulder.

Today’s children have a burden to bear that we did not growing up – they are under the microscope of the Internet. So here’s to our youth who are our future – you are fascinating and intelligent and brave – and you inspire me to try a little harder every day. And to our two children who make us proud unconditionally, it is a privilege to call you ours – you are our life and our love.

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