Watermelon Dessert is WOW!

20160715_153352Do you want a simple, low cal dessert that will make your family or guests go “Wow!” then try this one.  It takes almost no time to assemble (no cooking required) and uses our wonderful summer fruits. 

I admit I came across the idea on the Internet.  I’m trying to lose weight so am always trolling for low cal dishes to add to my repertoire.  I was drawn to the idea of a mainly fruit based dessert that is refreshing in the warmer weather.  If you happen to be following Weight Watchers it is only one point for a quarter of the dessert – which put it right to the top of my list.  Here’s how you assemble it.

Take one full sized seedless watermelon and cut a 1”-2” wide circle from the center of the watermelon.  Put it on a nice flat plate and use a paper towel to just dab off some of the juice sitting at the surface.  Spread a layer of non-fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt over the melon.  (I used Liberte and it was perfect).  Next decorate with fresh fruits – I used strawberries and blueberries, but you could do whatever you like.  I also found that fresh mint is really nice in this combination.  It serves 4 generous wedges, but could also be used for 6 persons easily. Have fun mixing and matching the fruits.

Ingredients:At Forty Five Watermelon Dessert

1 large seedless watermelon

½ – 3/4 cup non-fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt

10 large strawberries

¾ cups blueberries

chopped fresh mint

Judy Dallas
Judy Dallas Contributor
Judy is a semi-retired go-getter cruising her way around the world exploring the wines of each region and looking for new bridge partners. She is a wine lover, knitting hobbyist and passionate mother interested in mobility and arthritis support.