Two Ways To Add Swiss Style To Your Life

At Forty Five Kathy Patellis-SchmidtI woke up this morning with Swiss style on my mind. I rolled out of bed at 5, brushed my teeth and slid into my clothes. Downstairs I drew a hot cup of coffee and sat down to reflect on my day’s schedule. An average woman sitting on the other side of the at 45 range (58 to be exact) preparing for another day.

It struck me life takes lots of preparation. I am learning as I go that you can’t get stuck on trying to be prepared if it gets in the way of life and your own enjoyment. Old habits die hard though.

This magazine provides so many new connections to fascinating women around the world and that was why I was thinking about adding some Swiss style to my life.  In the form of a beautiful woman, Kathy Patellis-Schmidt of Style-Etc Boutique from Switzerland.

At Forty Five Style-Etc Boutique business-cardA kind friend introduced Kathy to me by Facebook just as the magazine was getting up. At Forty Five shared Kathy’s story earlier in the year (see the link below) and now she is on her way to Vancouver for a few weeks. She has offered to help me with a styling.

Now I am sure that sounds exciting to many of you, but I feel totally intimidated. My first thought this morning was I better start preparing. A chic European woman who has styled stars and sets in castles diving into my pedestrian closet? First, I need to clean out my closet, maybe buy some key pieces, and oh God, lose a few pounds. You know what I mean?  And then I caught myself.  Working on this magazine has prodded me into adopting some new approaches. I can accept life has flaws and it will still be awesome.  Flawsome is just fine which leaves me unstuck and free.

So, I am not preparing one bit.  I am revelling in anticipation of chatting with Kathy with a glass of Prosecco in hand, listening to her story.  She is coming back in the fall and I hope we can arrange an At Forty Five sponsored workshop. She can share her expertise in personal branding, we can hear about her Dress For Success strategy and you too can add some Swiss style to your life.

At Forty FiveFor More Swiss Style

In the meantime, you may want to pick up some of the beautiful Hara Karamichali jewelry Kathy has available here or learn more about Style-Etc. Boutique.

And stay tuned.  Subscribe to make sure you hear what transpires during my get together with Kathy and if you are in Switzerland, be prepared for some North American flavor when she gets home.

Read Creating A Business Has No Age Limit by Kathy Patellis-Schmidt.


Sherry Kallergis
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