Wear Your Heart To Share The Love With All You Meet

It’s time for love! Isn’t it?

When we come together, we are capable of spreading even more love. It takes a village as they say. A village to raise the next generation to be less violent, to make stigma and judgment a thing of the past.

It's Time To Share The Love
It’s Time To Share The Love

My intention behind creating this design is for people to wear it and feel more love. For someone to see the shirt being worn and feel the love. Perhaps a little less defensive. It’s not going to solve any major world problems but it might bring a little more joy to someone. Even if it’s just someone passing by who caught a glimpse of the shirt. Can you imagine wearing this or seeing it as you’re picking a fight or bad-mouthing someone?

We could all use a little more love. Supporting and inspiring one another through love. Every single person struggles through something at one point in their life. There seems to be so much violence, shootings, abuse, childhood trauma, and sadness. I would love to see us be the love that we want to see in the world. Spreading it every single day to every single soul with which we come into contact.

We are more alike than different. Just seeing this heart makes me take a step back and remember we are created for love. Giving, showing, receiving, and accepting love. It’s as important as breathing. Changing our minds to not be so quick to judge is difficult. Finding help in difficult situations is imperative. Let’s shift our mindset back to ‘WE the people’ instead of assuming it’s every man for himself.

We have to start somewhere and this is my small way of contributing to a little more love in the world. Let’s bring back that village type of community that we all long for. There’s no need for division. Instead of jumping to conclusions about someone, try to consider they are your fellow human trying to provide for their family just as you are.

I’m not saying we need to live with rose-colored glasses on all the time. There are serious issues that need to be addressed. I think we can address them without hurtful attacking words. Differences in opinion do not mean we have to verbally mistreat someone. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

Just because someone wants to spread love, doesn’t mean they are associated with a certain political party. Let’s bridge the political division and understand that all parties are for spreading more love. All humans basically want the same things in life. We all struggle from time to time with something, experience loss in our lives, we all have emotions, and we all just want the best for our families.

Seeing things like this shirt will subliminally reach us to the core just as seeing negative images reach us. Let’s choose love, one person at a time. Put the love into negotiations, hard decisions, and confrontations. Move away from fear-based anger and see our human existence as a collective.

It’s time for love! Isn’t it?


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Deadline: August 21, 2019

Help support this cause today with buying a shirt or donating. These limited edition shirts for a cause are a great way to spread the love. There are many colors and styles to choose from. The campaign ends on 8/21/19 and the shirts would make for a great gift also!!

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Lori Baird
Lori Baird

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