You Told Your Friend Her Long Hair Needs To Be Short Because Of Her Age?

Today I was working on a beautiful woman’s hair.  It was long and flowing with an arrangement of grey, silver and several shades of blonde.  There are virtually no split ends as she takes great care to use professional products that I recommend during her visits.  The Blonde Angel Shampoo and treatment by Kevin Murphy keep her hair free of brassy or yellow tones; she is blessed with wonderful genes that is for sure!!

Long Hair Aging At Forty FiveAs we discussed her service, she said in an almost a painful way: “I guess I have to cut it off soon”.  I asked her if that excited her and she said it did not.  It surprised me. Everyone in the salon including myself was gushing over her amazing hair and she said she “has” to cut it off??  Was she ill? Were there some underlying reasons why? I asked and she said her girlfriends were telling her it’s time as she is turning 60 soon.

If so, what is the reasoning behind it?   It baffles me.  As a stylist I would like to cut the hair off that is either for a change, for fashion or because it is damaged and needs to go.

It is so satisfying to see a woman have her own style and image.  In my opinion, if long hair looks good and makes someone feel good about themselves there is no reason, she shouldn’t have it.  As someone who lives, sleeps and breathes hair, I don’t see that length and age should be related.  I do see hair and image related. Your hair as your “crown”, your “glory”, your “best accessory” (of course, I am a Stylist after all!!).

Be The Friend That Encourages

Be the friend that has an opinion but always remember that our opinions are ours until we share them with others…. Don’t be the reason your friend cuts her beloved locks off because of age insecurity; be the friend that encourages your friends to love themselves and their image 100% “as is”, no refund, no returns.  We all age, we may as well age together feeling fabulous with our long, medium or short hair!!

Flaunt That Length


Cynthia Skabar
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There’s no better time than now that I am going into my fifties to start to share some of my thoughts and experiences. Having the same business for more than half of my life can be wonderful but I do not want my work to define me. I am ready.