Weary Woman, A Letter Of Encouragement

Do you ever wake up feeling weary from the pressure of it all? Like you want to follow through but just cannot move forward? Lack of time, energy, money, clarity, motivation, ability, pick any barrier you want.

She Put On Her Soul At Forty FiveWe are bombarded with media hype, people who have made it, are making it, with perfect lives, perfect minds, perfect stories. You think that you are the only one letting the world and yourself down. One thing piles on another until your being is weighted down with the effort of it all.  Well this post is for you.

It was shared on facebook by someone I value.  The words spoke to me and I inquired about the story behind the post.

I shared this because I know someone who is feeling that she is failing everyone in her life and I wished it could alleviate some of her pain.

Also, at any given time, women in general tend not to be kind to themselves.

Isn’t that what women should do?  Lift each other up when we are feeling down?

After some research, it seems this is a variation on a post originally by Kathy Wilkins at bravegirlclubs.com.  Thank you Kathy for the sentiments.

Dear Weary Woman,

Today is the day for more kindness and more gentleness.

Be kind to your dear, beautiful self. Tell her the things that matter and that it’s going to be okay. Let her know that you are proud of her for how hard she works every day at making it through the craziness that is life. Let her rest when she is tired. Encourage her when she is discouraged. Lift her up when she is beat down.

There are enough hard-sell tactics, massive pressure and ‘not-good-enough’ messages blaring out the speakers of everywhere we go in this world to last us the rest of our lives.

Of course there is weariness from all of this beating down, and the place to get healingAt Forty Five Weary Woman salve gently rubbed into our wounds really must be in the quiet moments that we have with our own selves. The last thing each of us needs is more mean self talk, more pressure or more disappointed and disapproving commentary going on between our ears.

And for the sake of all that is good and true….show her some good times. Take her out to play. Let her see beautiful new things and experience exciting new things. Take good care of her…for she is so very beloved and so very important.

You deserve this kind of treatment, wonderful you. You are with yourself more than you are with any other person….so make sure the relationship is a good and healthy and merciful one.

Walk as if you are beloved…behave as if you are beloved…because the truth is that you absolutely are.

You are so very loved.

Sherry Kallergis
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