What Is Fashion At Forty Five?

I am not the only one to feel fashion advertisements, articles and catalogues showing clothes on the bodies of mature women are in short supply.

I’m shopping for fall and winter clothes and honey, that twenty-some, lithe model looks just stunning. Trust me though, my breasts aren’t quite that perky and hey, real women have hips and thighs. Dare I mention the “junk in the trunk” is tripping south? I am not discounting my women friends who still manage to look like that model. I am just saying that many of my friends have not. So one needs a crystal ball to envision how that outfit would look on us.

Fashion has made huge strides in representing large women and our multi-ethnic community. Certain publications and TV shows have done an admirable job of trying to support our needs. Chatelaine and CityLine are two that come quickly to mind. There are definitely more celebrity role models than ever before: Jane Seymour, Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda, Julianne Moore, Kris Jenner, Christy Brinkley, Goldie Hawn and Raquel Welch to name a few.

At Forty Five believes fashion needs a nudge to also include women who have “life has been lived and enjoyed” bodies. After all, collectively we have quite the sum of disposable income.

What better way of showing the fashion world what that looks like, than us sharing instances of feeling beautiful and looking stylish. Our social media feeds are full of women profiles showing women our age looking stunning.

So At Forty Five is dedicating our Instagram atfortyfivemag to you strutting your 

Let’s Create Our Own Catalogue Of #fashionatfortyfive On Instagram

your stuff. Please use the hashtag #fashionatfortyfive and consider adding brand names of key pieces or the store where you found it.

Let’s curate an overwhelming collection of fashion geared for the women who have seen life at forty five and embrace how it looks. It’s a catalogue we all can use.

Sherry Kallergis
Sherry loves creating and pulling together things, values her eclectic group of friends living fascinating lives around the globe, is an eloquent listener, can’t write worth a damn, but loves a great story and is a sponge soaking up new tips that will help make her (and your) life extraordinaire!