What To Wear For The Holidays?

What To Wear At ChristmasHolidays are coming and many of us leave what we should wear at the Christmas Eve or Christmas Day festivities to the last minute or chance. On these special days it is important to take some time and plan your look. You should choose beautiful clothes to wear, that are comfortable, especially if you are preparing the holiday dinner or if you have little ones running around. 

You can buy a special outfit for the occasion or choose one from your wardrobe, but forget your favorite yoga pants and tee or your flannel pjs. 

Choose a dress or pants with a beautiful blouse, then add your accessories and shoes. Don’t stop there, consider a hairstyle and makeup (yes, your favorite lipstick counts) to help compose the final look. 

The color palette you wear is immensely important, although a lot of shops show a black or red theme for the season. You should choose a color that fits your skin tone and hair. Avoid basic black, instead try navy blue, gray, beige, shades of blue or green, white, or nudes for your base. 

Then add some splashes of color. In some cultures, certain colors bring good energy in the New Year.  The color you choose to wear is very important and has meaning. 

  • Yellow – If you want to attract prosperity, money, and success at work this is the right color. It wakens creativity and opens up professional paths.
  • Red – This bold color of personality will attract passions, decisions and attitudes. Perfect for anyone who wants a busy year!Colors Are Meaningful
  • White – The most classic color of the season, it attracts harmony, peace and serenity.
  • Pink – Want to find true love? Live a movie romance? Use this color in any tone and watch the magic happen!
  • Blue – If you are going through a tense time, the blue will make your year quieter, serene and you will feel calmer.
  • Green – This is the color of health, so if you need to improve some physical aspect, invest in it, which also attracts hope and life.
  • Purple – For those who want to work on the spiritual side, purple brings intuition, sensitivity and the  idea of a new beginning. Perfect for change in the New Year.

Some additional tips to consider:

  •  If you choose to buy a new outfit, look for versatile and simple pieces that can be used on other occasions. Simple cuts are easier to change up looks with different accessories.
  •  Think of adding a necklace, pin, or scarf for a pop of color and unique look.
  •  Buy everything in advance and try it. Avoid having to shop when the stores are full and busy.
  • If you need to cut or dye your hair, do it the week before the holidays so that the color settles. 

 Finally, enjoy the process and the moment.  You are the perfect you.  So take this time to invest effort in yourself. In the process make a “feeling good” memory for you to draw joy from all year!       

Christianne Barreto - Personal Stylist of boxY
Personal Shopper & Stylist Wardrobe Analyst & Editor