Innovative Teeth Whitening Technology Can Be Yours Even At Home

Teeth At Forty Five Whiter teeth and a brighter smile can be yours quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home or at a Smilebar if you live in Vancouver.

Whiter teeth are something I always wanted. Medication during my childhood made my teeth turn a dingy yellow. Through the years, dentists told me I could do veneers but that was low down on a busy mom’s priority list.

Recently, my daughter had her teeth whitened at the dentist. It was costly and she had to go multiple times but it got me thinking about it again.

Then my son put a gift card to a new teeth whitening company on his Christmas list. I bought two and gifted myself one. I am quite amazed by the process and the outcome.

Introducing Mint Smilebar

Teeth At Forty Five Mint Smilebar is revolutionary concept using European technology. Their funky Vancouver space feels space age. The egg-shaped chairs reminded me of the Jetsons cartoon. The cocoon effect provides the feeling of a private room. The bright mirrored space with mint green accents set a tone unlike any dentist office and the soft neck pillow was blissful.

The term “smile bar” originated in France and teeth whitening salons are a European concept that has been around since the early 2000’s.

How The Procedure Works

Your Smilebar Concierge takes you through the three twenty minute sessions. You clean and dry your teeth then put on a pair of glasses and a mouth guard to keep your jaw relaxed. The concierge paints a gel on your teeth. Next, they turn on a LED light and you can zone out, listen to music and relax. After twenty minutes the process is repeated using new gel. The first twenty minutes opens the pores of your teeth, the next two start the lightening process.

I didn’t feel any sensitivity during the treatment or at home but some people can.

Smile At Forty Five Revolutionary Products and Technology

The technology and products make a striking difference. You can go up to ten shades lighter in a treatment. Mine went 6 shades whiter and people who didn’t know I had anything done commented.

The products are from the highest quality natural ingredients. FDA and Health Canada approved, they are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free.

The European technology, now in Canada, uses a powerful LED light to get immediate results in the office.

You can achieve similar results with the Home Power Whitening Kit and other products over a longer period of time. I bought the home version and my smile continued to brighten.

A brighter smile is an instant confidence booster. Give it a try.

Teeth At Forty Five
Mint Smilebar Home Power Kit

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