Women For Women International: Day Five A Week Of Holiday Giving To Women In Need

Women For Women International is day five of our A Week Of Holiday Giving To Women In Need

AT FORTY FIVE A Week Of Giving To Women In Need

Give a gift to a woman in need.

For many women, Christmas is a day like any other. They are using all their resources to merely exist. Holiday cheer is a foreign language, lacking a translation.

There are so many women who do not have a hot meal or a safe space.

Some are desperate for a means to support themselves and their family. Every mother wishes for an opportunity to better their children.

Many must spend all their day just getting clean water.

And there are many young girls who are being forced to be women way before their time.

Whether you cast your net wide to underdeveloped countries or stay close to home, there are many reputable organizations that are waiting for your support to gift and lift a woman in need.

In this series, we share a list of some organizations that make a difference in women’s lives and encourage you to share your Christmas with someone in need.

Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person. ~ Anonymous

Women For Women International

(Based in Washington USA)

Traumatized by unspeakable atrocities women in war-torn countries lose their homes, their loved ones, and their voices. They are left without basic resources and little opportunity. This woman-centered organization supports women survivors of war and conflict and has for over 25 years. This organization brings sponsors together meeting women where they are and respectful of their situation, providing listening, learning, and tools, while connecting them with resources to help them take back their own power. Stronger Women, Stronger Nations reaches marginalized women providing a safe women-only space to learn and grow.

You can Shop A Gift That Gives Back like gift a bicycle or business training skills or Sponsor A Sister

Read The Women For Women International Economic Empowerment For Women Affected By Conflict Report

The story of Hivi is powerful. “After I joined WfWI’s program I started to feel like a woman. I started to think of improving my life by learning new skills and knowledge from my program.”

Volunteer/Career Opportunities:

There are a number of openings on the business side including internships. View them here.

Learn More

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