Women Helping Women Find Their Passion and Dream

This week I want to share an event that I had the wonderful opportunity of attending called Women Elevating Women in London.  Doesn’t that title make you feel great when you hear it?  What woman doesn’t want to make another woman feel great?  There is a great call for this right now in the world.  Women are finding their voice and not letting their voices be ignored.

Tokunbo Osunbayo is the wonderfully powerful woman behind this event.  Her vision is so big and empowering you can’t help but be wowed by her magic when you meet her.  Tokunbo set up the event to help women who already run their own business or for women who want to run a business but have no idea where to even start.  Let me tell you now if you have a dream inside of you but you aren’t doing anything about it then you need to attend one of these events.

Group Picture Women Elevating Women 2015
Group Picture Women Elevating Women 2015

It’s taken me a while to come down from the ceiling the energy in the room was amazing.  In fact at one point in the morning I started to well up with tears in my eyes because you could literally feel the positivity in the room.  Let’s face it you don’t have to look far for negativity in the world so to be in a room with a group of women who are feeling so positive not just for themselves but for everyone around them is gonna get you feeling emotional.

There were some great speakers at the event who gave great advice on things such as marketing, social media, mindset, putting yourself out there no matter how shy you may feel.  Let’s face it being visible takes guts and a lot of the time if women work a job they hate then that slowly chips away at their confidence.  It’s important that you surround yourself with women who have the same vision and want nothing but the best for you.  If you feel like you don’t have that get online or look for networking meet ups in your local area.

Talking of networking I met Tokunbo in a Facebook group and she was looking for a PA to help her organise her event.  I had a great time working with Tokunbo let me tell you now that she has taught me a lot and made me realise that anything is possible you just have to believe.  One of the jobs she got me to do was to contact the Mayoress of Camden and see if she would

Mayoress of Camden and I
Mayoress of Camden and I

open the event and she kindly did.  The Mayoress was wonderful mingled with all attendees and met the ladies who had a stand and talked to them about their business and why they were attending the event.  She also said something in her opening speech which really hit home she said there will always be someone who doesn’t like what you do or you will find yourself some haters.  She told us that with her being Muslim and being a woman there are people every day that say she shouldn’t be doing the job she is doing.  She doesn’t let that stop her and instead she is encouraging women to follow their passion and do what makes them happy.  So what does that tell you stop hiding and make life happen for yourself.  It was lovely to meet her and I get the sneaky feeling that if she hadn’t have had to leave to other events she would have gladly stayed.

I also had the wonderful privilege of meeting a member whose in my Facebook Group –Mel’s Plan To Play.  We have chatted loads online but we had never met she is wonderful and I just know that she will follow her heart and make a success of her business.  Doesn’t it just go to show that we should not be afraid to speak to people.  If you are sat here holding back don’t people want to help you and see you do well and if the people around you don’t have your best interests at heart then find a community of like minded people who will spur you on to greatness.  You hear it time and time again but it’s said over and over because it’s true you are the average of the five people you hang around.  So if you don’t like who you are hanging around meet new people, get on social media, write a blog, and follow your heart.  The stirrings of your heart are there for a reason.  Listen to what your heart is telling you because the more you live from your head then you are missing out on life.  Ask questions and connect I can honestly say that ever since I made this a priority in my life only great things have happened.

So you may be thinking what makes this event so good?  Simple answer the energy of

Amy and I
Amy and I

Tokunbo, the women in her inner circle and a group of women choosing love and letting their love and passion for their work spur them on.  In fact one of the presenters motivated the room by playing the tune “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”.  How cool is that the whole room was dancing and loving life.  How can you not feel motivated by that?  Tokunbo is hosting the same event again in November post on this blog post if you would like more information and I will gladly let you know how you can attend.

Till next time ladies follow your heart and love life!

Melanie Whittaker on Url
Melanie Whittaker
I love people, having deep meaningful conversations, and having a laugh so hard my belly hurts and there are tears in my eyes. My life in the UK working as a secretary/PA has taught me many things, but the most important nuggets I’ve drawn from it are to stay passionate, work hard, and always play hard!