• AT FORTY FIVE is an online lifestyle magazine for women sharing their knowledge and life experiences. Women talk about everything with their friends. AT FORTY FIVE serves as a platform for sharing with a broader and growing circle of women friends located around the world. AT FORTY FIVE releases content weekly in the form of articles, images and videos as well as curates some news items relating to women.

Who consumes AT FORTY FIVE content?

      • Our readers are women like you, between the ages of 45 and 70, who may be married however often are single. You are educated, have eclectic interests, elegant tastes and use personal devices and computers for keeping in touch. You enjoy an active lifestyle: exercise like yoga and walking, participate in charity or religious groups, embrace arts and culture, travel regularly and are intent on living your best life.
      • Typically you have been very involved with your careers and/or families, you now have time for personal exploration and the opportunity to focus on your own personal growth and enjoyment.
      • Our audience is worldly and part of the global community, living and traveling from Vancouver to Toronto, USA, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

What type of content can I submit?

      • AT FORTY FIVE accepts unpublished, original, factual, non-fiction works. Content shared on your personal blog is welcome.
      • We look for intelligent articles on any topic ranging from travel, food, fashion, health and wellness to engaging profiles, first-person narratives, and inspirational stories.
      • We use text and visual media in varying lengths and formats: briefs, how-tos, features, photo essays, videos.
      • We do not accept pitches or query letters at this time.

How often can I submit?

      • The submission portal is open 24/7.
      • There are no limits to the number of submissions.
      • Life is a constant experience so we encourage ongoing sharing. There is a Writer Incentive Program for those who have multiple submissions published.

How do I get started?

Register as a Contributor here.

What are the themes or topics?

The magazine has four sections covering nine categories:

    • Celebrate Audacious! (Woman We Admire profile)
    • Disrupt Life (Change Daily Practice)
    • Self:
      • Be Inspired (Inspirational)
      • Eat Delicious (Food & Dining)
      • Explore Places (Travel)
      • Feel Fantastic (Health & Wellness)
      • Look Beautiful (Fashion & Beauty)
      • Talk Tech (Technology Tips)
    • Work

AT FORTY FIVE solicits contributors from time to time on specific themes.

Your Part:

Step 1. Review the details in this Writers Guidelines.
Step 2. Create your byline.
Step 3. Take a quick orientation on submitting into our WordPress portal.
Step 4. Write your story or copy your blog post into the portal.

Our Part:

Step 1: Our team will review your story and assign it to a section.
Step 2: Your story will go through a cursory edit in set up and images will be finalized.
Step 3: Your story will be released for all our readers to enjoy and share, share, share!

  • Though we strive to respond to submissions in a timely manner, a high volume of submissions may result in a delay of two to four weeks before you hear back from us.
  • You will receive an automated acknowledgment that your submission has been successfully received.

Do you pay for content?

No, AT FORTY FIVE does not pay for content. This is a sharing community of non-professionals and/or those writers starting out. There are many publications that support the efforts of professional writers.

How do I submit?

Once you have created a Contributor Profile you will receive access to our 24/7 WordPress portal. Don’t worry, we have a quick orientation if you are not familiar with WordPress. If you work with Word you will have no problem using it.