Take Me Away Castile-18 Soaps in 1

It happened so innocuously.  I spent a weekend at my niece’s house and heeded my sister’s advice to try the bottle of lavender soap in the shower. ”Oh yes, sure…I am not really into those natural things…

Bam! The first heady smell of lavender put my senses on alert. I felt awakened, energized and calmed all at once. That was the beginning of my addiction. I bought a bottle the next day.

Dr. Bronner's Lavender Pure Castile Soap
Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Pure Castile Soap

I started small but the soap is overtaking my household. I was astounded to learn it can be used to clean about anything. So what is this magic elixir?


Castile soap is named for the Spanish region of Castile, famous for its olive oil. Originally Castile soap was made with olive oil and animal fat. It was around long before foaming agents, chemical or petrochemical agents were added to soap. It was at the turn of the century, it came to mean vegetable oil based as opposed to animal fat based. Choosing pure Castile now means it is genuinely ecological and simple soap.

Dr. Bronner’s:

  • Uses ethically-sourced, certified fair trade ingredients
  • Is a family-owned business with over 5 generations equalling 150 years of soap making experience
  • Provides a natural product that is eco-friendly
  • Offers an unscented option as well as other delicious scents like rose and citrus
  • Includes bar soaps and other personal and cleaning products
  • Comes in many sizes up to gallon containers which are the most economical
  • Is concentrated and can be diluted
  • Is available online as well as at Save-On-Foods, natural food stores like Whole Foods or Choices and my local dollar store sells it

I use it for showers, bathing, washing hair, shaving, washing clothes and cleaning floors and bathroom counters.  I haven’t tried it for brushing teeth, but you can along with cleaning fruit and vegetables plus washing dishes.

It is in concentrated form and so a little goes a long way. For example, for laundry, I use ¼ cup for a full load and add ½ cup of vinegar to the rinse. No more fabric softener is required. You will be sold when you put on your favorite shirt or crawl into your freshly laundered bed. My boys even asked me what I used.

A friend asked if it could be used for front loaders, however, they recommend you use another of their products, called Sal Suds. (1 – 2 Tbsp.)

Try It

Your house will smell glorious without any air freshener. Besides freeing your household of multiple harsh cleaners, you will be contributing fewer chemicals into your water stream while ensuring family farms and co-ops provide living wages in developing countries. Take a moment and read the label.  The amount of text is unusual in this day and age of visual marketing but don’t pass it by. Dr. Bronner’s believes we need to care for each other and the world. They are:

 Taking environmental and social ideals and applying them to the world around us…

Well, what do you know? I think I am into those “natural things” after all. Thanks for showing me the way Ashton!

To learn more about the uses and recommended dilutions check here.

To learn more about the product and company, check here.

Sherry Kallergis

Sherry Kallergis

Sherry loves creating and pulling together things, values her eclectic group of friends living fascinating lives around the globe, is an eloquent listener, can’t write worth a damn, but loves a great story and is a sponge soaking up new tips that will help make her (and your) life extraordinaire!

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