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I like to talk with patients about gut health and water which correlates with the four pillars of health because you need to start with the foundation. It’s very important to have a strong foundation because you can’t build a house of cards. It won’t work and a lot of people focus on the exterior instead of the interior.

I like to think of us like a flower. If the petal starts to fall off, you don’t just glue them back on. We must work from the inside out.

A lot of people drink poor quality water, from the tap, from the bottled Industries, and what’s happening it gives a positive electrical impulse to the body.

Our gut health is important because our gut health sends electrical impulses up the vagus nerve to the brain. What is going to happen is that’s going to help us balance our hormones. It’s going to help us with our immune system, it’s going to help us detoxify.

How do we have optimization with the body? We start with the basics, the four pillars of health; water, sleep, nutrition and exercise.

Today we are talking about Pillar One. Follow our series to learn about pillars 2 to 4.

Pillar Of Health One: Why Water Matters

People don’t realize, but there are so many symptoms that are correlated with hydrogen deficiency and not being able to absorb our water. A lot of people drink poor quality water, from the tap, from the bottled Industries, and what’s happening it gives a positive electrical impulse to the body. That means it’s adding more acid.

Now acid in the body is inflammation and inflammation is like fire in aerobatic medicine. How would you put out a fire? With water.

A lot of our symptoms can start to clear up if we treat the root in a mitochondrial state. Being a cellular scientist, I look at the cells. You have 75 trillion cells in the body. Each cell has a powerhouse called the mitochondria and the nucleus. And this is what’s going to program the next generation of cells to be healthy, or to be unhealthy, and then it creates a cascade effect.

The first thing you do is to make sure you drink enough water and the right water. Quantity and quality are very important because if you drink the right water, it is going to send that electrical impulse throughout the body. You are literally a body of energy and that’s how your cells communicate. What people also need to realize is their whole body and their whole gastrointestinal system run on a pH sensory system.

Have you ever drunk a large amount of water from a bottle or tap and felt it sloshing in your stomach? The reason why is because it’s acidic, it has an acidic charge.

Do You Test Your Water?

You can test your water at home. Go on Amazon and buy an ORP meter so you can test the voltage of your water.

If it’s high, you have a problem because you’re putting fire with fire. You are adding acid to the problem. The body can’t clean and can’t detoxify properly because remember antioxidants have a different charge. In our stomachs, we have something called the pyloric sphincter. It is pH sensitive. It controls the opening-closing of whatever fluid is in the stomach to release into the small intestines. But it must be an alkaline charge.

If you always have acid in the stomach, it’s not going to go through the small intestine. By changing your water and drinking enough of it, you are now properly moving that solution through, with all the key nutrients that you’re consuming. Water is a nutrient, and it is also a transporter.

Your blood is 92% water. A lot of people with cardiovascular conditions have something called sticky blood.

Test Your Body Hydration

What I do here in the clinic is I prick people’s fingers so I can look at their blood underneath the microscope. This is called microscopy which is dry blood and dry blood analysis. I look on a cellular level at the state of their hydration, if the cells are perfectly round and robust, if they’re all separated, then the blood is alkaline and it’s moving fast, the electrical charge is high which is what we want.

A lot of people when they first come in, their baseline is very acidic. If you think about your blood is acidic, that’s dangerous because the blood always wants to maintain a pH of 7.35 always, no matter what you do, 24/7. When we have an acidic diet and we’re consuming acidic liquids, what happens is the bones will buffer the blood.

Over time, your bones are secreting calcium, magnesium, and a lot of trace minerals that are going into the blood and the cardiovascular system to balance out with ph. If you think about the body and the tissues in the membranes constantly being in that acidic state, that’s going to start to decay your joints, ligaments, and tendons. You’re going to have aches and pain. When you exercise, you are not going to recover as fast because the lactic acid is going to build up.

If you go have more alcohol on the weekend, now you’re just adding more acid. The things that are on the acidic spectrum in the body are meat, dairy, refined sugars, processed foods, alcohol, coffee, the wrong water, medications, too much stress, and over-exercising. This all creates oxidative stress and free radical damage in the body.

Free radicals are when you have acid overload, and it is stressing the cells and making damaged cells. But it’s a beautiful thing because your body can heal those cells, if you give it the right building blocks, which are these four pillars of health.

How Much Water Is Right?

You want to be drinking 1 liter for every 50 pounds you weigh. Make sure that you don’t eat and drink too much water at the same time. It’s going to dilute that stomach acid. Drink your water before your meal and 15 to 20 minutes after your meal, but not at the same time as your meal. We have saliva for that reason. If you are dry, making sure that you eat wet foods. Introduce salads, fruits, and vegetables, as they have a lot of water. Chew your It’s very important.

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