You Want To Feel Better? Four Pillars Of Health

Pillar Of Health Two: Sleep Repairs Your Body

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The second pillar is sleep. How many people give up their good quality sleep to be able to get up early to go to the gym. Or chase their kids around instead of going for a nap.

It’s so important. You need seven to nine hours of good quality sleep. If you wake up for more than 20 minutes, you’re basically starting that system all over again. So, it’s very important if you do wake up to use the washroom, or go check on a noise, try to go back to sleep within 15 minutes because once you’re at 20 minutes, your clocks start all over again. And with arithmetic medicine, every single organ system detoxifies and cleans itself at a certain hour of the night.

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If you wake up for more than 20 minutes, you’re basically starting that system all over again.

If you are working the grave shift, or your hours are all over the place and you don’t have a system you’re not going to regulate your circadian rhythm. Your body’s not going to be able to get into a pattern of detoxifying itself properly. This can wreak havoc on your mental health. What happens is that in the seventh hour the brain detoxifies all the neural toxins that you’ve been breathing in the last 24 hours. I encourage you and I challenge you to get at least 7 hours of sleep every single night. And if you’re not sleeping properly get help.

Pillar Of Health Three: Proper Nutrients Are Key

The third pillar is nutrition. We don’t need to be eating an abundance of food, eating less is better, and eating right for our cells. You want to make sure that you are getting the proper nutrients in the body and you’re not overeating or undereating. Try not to eat when you’re stressed because as we know, we have something called a central nervous system and that will interact with your gut health.

If you eat when you’re stressed, the body goes into something called “Fight or Flight” which is the sympathetic nervous system. The stomach shuts off and you will not be able to secrete the proper enzymes, the hydrochloric acid, and the pepsin to break down and absorb all those wonderful nutrients. Your bioavailability of those nutrients decreases. That’s bad because it puts you into fat storage mode and your cortisol goes up.

I encourage and challenge you, if you’re feeling stressed, drink a glass of water and go for a walk or go do something that’s going to relax you. Get your feet massaged, put on your favorite song, pet your cat, or have a cup of tea. Do those things just for about 15 minutes to regulate your stress.

After a long day, or on the road stuck in traffic, don’t go through a drive-through. Don’t eat when you’re stressed. Wait, till you get into the parasympathetic system, which is the rest, digest, repair system.

Pillar of Health Four: Exercise

Just a little exercise every day can prevent you from getting 13 different types of cancer.

The other thing is the fourth pillar of health which is exercise. Did you know that exercise every single day, just some form of movement is important? Clean your house, walk your dog, go for a walk, do a little bit of stretching. Just a little every day can prevent you from getting 13 different types of cancer.

It cleans the lymphatic system, which is going to help you with your skin, just like, Helen earlier explained beautifully. And this is so important. If you start focusing on the house rules and the four pillars of health, you’re going to have a concrete, strong foundation that you can work from and fine-tune. Eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables, pick the ones you like. They are full of enzymes, and that’s going to help you with digestion, you’re bloating and constipation or diarrhea.

When you start focusing on these four pillars, you’re going to start to notice that your body is no longer going to be a survival mode. It is going to thrive.

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Ariel Jarvis is a registered Iridologist, Sclerologist, Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Microscopist, and Acutherapist. Visit Vitality Wellness World


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